Visitor from California Drowns on Kauai's North Shore

HAENA, Kauai (KHNL) -- A 31-year-old visitor from California is dead after a drowning accident on Kauai's North Shore Thursday morning.

Police say Nolan McSkimming was surfing in an area called "Dump Trucks" near Tunnels Beach when he signaled a lifeguard indicating he was in distress.

The lifeguard paddled to McSkimming, placed him on his board, and brought him to shore. On the way in, he noticed that McSkimming lost consciousness.

The lifeguard began performing CPR on the victim until emergency medical technicians arrived at the scene and took over.

McSkimming was taken to Wilcox Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

He is the eighth drowning victim on Kaua'i this year.