How to Keep Your Child Safe from Abductors

Captain Frank Fujii
Captain Frank Fujii

(KHNL) - It's a common fear among parents with young children.  Could their child be abducted by a stranger.  In this Safety Alert, we explain how to put up the best defense, and it all starts, with your child.

For generations, parents have taught their children, "don't talk to strangers." But, it turns-out, that's not even the first step.

''First of all parents need to speak to their kids before the bad person speaks to them," said Captain Frank Fujii of the Honolulu Police Department.

While it's a common fear that a child could be snatched away in broad daylight, that scenario is actually uncommon.

It's more likely, a stranger will gently lure a child away, and then calmly take the victim with them.

Make them aware that strangers will use different gimmicks to entice them to come close to them. They'll offer a puppy, they'll offer candy. The bottom line is no matter how attractive an enticement will be, teach a child don't approach strangers."

But children are children, still developing and learning.

Captain Frank Fujii says be sure to also teach them to be prepared to fight back, as best they can, if they're being abducted.

"You need let you child know that it's alright. If somebody tries to grab them, it's alright to kick, scream, punch, yell to get away. Anything then need to do to get away. If you're going to teach them to yell, by all means teach them to yell intelligently. They need to say, let me go, you're not my father. Let me go, you're not my mother. That way if anybody who's walking by will know that something is wrong here."

Finally, Fujii says, be mindful, but above all, trust your children.

If you've taught them well, they'll do the right thing.

''I think what we really need to focus on is, hey they are our responsibility and we need to work with them to keep them safe and how to teach them how to keep themselves safe."