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November 7, 2007

Trash Re-Hash

The city of Honolulu's curbside recycling program has begun, and it's a terrific and necessary idea that is underway in Mililani and Hawaii Kai.  The first week saw mixed results for the mixed recycling bins in Central Oahu, but hopefully it will become a top-of-mind habit for homeowners and renters interested in helping our environment to use these color-coded bins.  Green for green-waste, blue for newspapers, plastic and glass bottles without lids.  And it's on the same days as your normal, or grey bin, pick-up, so that makes it even easier.  What a great way to get rid of your clutter and waste in a socially responsible manner.

If you have kids, maybe put one kid in charge of the green bin weekly, and another child heads up the blue bin patrol.  If you don't have kids, make it a husband-wife game, see who forgets first, and the loser does laundry for a week.  Ok, you make up your own rules and games, but this process should be seen as rewarding and valuable, not yet another chore or responsibility. Actually, earth care is a responsibility--yours, mine, his, hers--and this is about as easy as it gets to pitching in on a regular basis.

Here's hoping and encouraging everyone in these two communities to get involved now, and let's see this Opala program expands in the months and years ahead.  Think About It.

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