Job Swap: The Big Dipper

Lance Duyao
Lance Duyao
Howard Dashefsky
Howard Dashefsky

(KHNL) - From the moment you  walk through the door of Big Island Candies, you're struck by just how clean it is.

And when you enter the construction zone, it's like walking into the O.R., where highly skilled professionals with surgical precision.

And therein lies my task.

"Were known for our diagonally dipped cookies," said Lance Duyao. "You need to dip them diagonally and here's a tray I did earlier today so you need to make your cookies just like that".

Things started off surprisingly easy.   But the pressure was building, and soon it got down right messy.

And all it happening under the watchful eyes of the curious customers who will eventually consume these chocolate confections.

(Howard asks) "So lets see my tray, does it pass the test? (Lance) "No it doesn't. It has to be a feast for all the senses and those do not pass inspections."

Tough as the shortbread cookies were to master, the others treats were even more difficult.

Big hands just don't work small kaki mochi. And the chocolate covered cuttlefish. Forget about it.

In this business presentation is everything. and with the holiday season right around the corner, there's no time for sloppy work.

"During Christmas we go almost 24 hours in our factory," said Duyao.  "We close up for a short while just to clean up the operation and get ready for the next morning."

These familiar treats will wind up under trees, and on kitchen counters around the world.

All made by hand, and with aloha.