Nashes Make Easy Transition from Court to Home

Coach Bob Nash
Coach Bob Nash
Bobby Nash
Bobby Nash

MANOA (KHNL) --  A new season starts a new era for the Rainbow Warrior basketball team.  Bob Nash said the transition from assistant coach to head coach has been a smooth one, just like the transition he makes every day between father and coach.

On the court, they are coach and player.

Off it, they are father and son -- Rainbow Warrior head coach Bob Nash, and his son Bobby.

"It's good, it's fun, but sometimes it can be challenging," said Bobby Nash. "But for the most part, we have a good on the court, off the court relationship."

That's because both of them say they've been able to separate the two.

"When he's here in the basketball, I'm on him just like I would be on anybody else," said the elder Nash.

"I'd say he's definitely tougher on Bobby," said Matt Gibson. "He expects the most out of his son."

"Nah," said the younger Nash. "He treats me like anybody else. I'm just one of the guys on the court, but when I'm at home, you know -- his son."

And that means getting on him for things other than not hustling and blocking out, and silly fouls.

"If he's not taking out the garbage, he's not washing the dishes, I'm on him at that stage too," said the elder Nash.

"We have a very good relationship, and I thank him for it, because he's very good at it," said the younger Nash.

All Coach Nash wants is for his son to succeed, just like he does for the rest of his players.

"If they can continue to develop each day, each month, each year, when they're done playing here, they'll all be good players for us," said the coach.

Spoken like a true father.

Nash and the Rainbow Warriors open their season this Friday, against San Diego, at the Stan Sheriff Center.

You can catch the action live, on our sister station, K5 the Home Team, at 7 PM.