News Aplenty

Lots of major stuff going down these days, aside from the rain.  Looks like go! may have to think about stopping, while the Superferry, which had been stopped, will now apparently go. The fate of the Superferry, whose trials and tribulations thus far have been a hypocritical mock of a sham of a farce of a travesty on many fronts, might now actually be decided by consumers. And it's nice to see that calmer meetings have taken place of late.  Civility is a must.  And for the record, back in March of 2006, a whale calf was apparently struck by a relatively slow-moving vessel off of Maui- -turns out it was a whale watch vessel.

The testosterone continues to fly in the inter-island air battle, but for the time being, the consumer still wins as lawsuits, appeals, and discounted fares continue to make headlines.  One thing for sure, you can't keep losing money and appeasing investors, so something's gotta give sometime.

And as for Dog Chapman, well, I guess we know why he's called "Dog."  And it was his own son who supposedly sold the tape of his phone tirade to National Enquirer- -could it possibly get any lower?  Kind of like we now understand that the TV show "Lost" is also an appropriate name for the befuddled cast that really should take a bus to work and play.  Frankly, it seems nowadays all too many people do or say something inappropriate, and then think a quick and simple mea culpa and a few hours of community service or sensitivity training will make it all go away.  If only some of these apologists would look a bit deeper into their souls before they talk, get behind the wheel, or even think.  Adults need to be held accountable, don't they?  Think About It.