Looking to Grandparents for a Glimpse of the Past

Toby Langcaon
Toby Langcaon
Jeff Langcaon
Jeff Langcaon

PEARL HARBOR (KHNL) -- A new Hawaii book connects generations and shows island kids, that along with wrinkles come wisdom and experiences.

And that grandparents can turn out to be "grand" teachers.

Toby Langcaon is full of knowledge about the USS Missouri. "This is my home, this is where I started my naval career," says Langcaon, of the battleship.

He retired after spending 24 years in the Navy, including nearly three years serving on the battleship Missouri.

"I worked right here as a captain's seward."

He shares that knowledge and passion for the ship every week, as a volunteer guide on board the Mighty Mo.

"This ship can do 33 knots which is 40 miles an hour," says Langcaon, to a tour group.

But this tour, isn't like all the others, instead, it's one right out of the pages of a new children's book. About a young Hawaii girl who is surprised when her class takes a trip to the Mighty Mo.

"When I was thinking about doing the book, I had the perfect subject. My father was doing the tours, and he does it with such enthusiasm and excitement it made perfect sense to have the grandfather in the book give a tour of the battleship Missouri," says Jeff Langcaon, author of My Grandpa's Battleship Missouri Tour.

And so, just like in the book, Toby takes his granddaughter, ten-year-old Samantha and the rest of her Hawaii Baptist Academy class on a trip back in time.

To World War II and the role the ship had in history.

A real hands-on lesson that reaches these young students.

"When they find out about the information of the ship they are so thrilled to know about the Missouri," says Toby.

But students not only learn interesting ship facts, they also learn grandparents can be full of fascinating stories. And some even played a part in the very history they're learning about in school.