Living The Dream

Jeff Harada
Jeff Harada
Venus Lee
Venus Lee

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Four years ago Punahou grad Venus Lee chose a full ride scholarship to the University of Southern California instead of continuing her basketball career.

Four years later, she faced the same choice, but this time her decision was different. After graduating from USC with a bachelor's degree in journalism, Venus gave up a 2nd full ride scholarship to pursue her Masters at So. Cal, just for a chance to play basketball at the collegiate level.

"I decided that I had one year left of eligibility, I had one year to do and that's what brought me here to Hawaii Pacific University," said Lee

"I explained to her, you know there's no guarantee that you're going to make the team and that's a big chance your taking, and she said coach i'm gonna make this team. She earned her way on to the team, and she's earned everything she's gotten up to this point," said head coach Jeff Harada.

Some thought Lee was crazy to give up a full scholarship just to play basketball, but Venus was motivated by only one thing.

"It's the passion for playing the game, like I said though, big decision, no regrets about it at all though," said Lee.

It doesn't hurt that her family is still here too, and Venus is happy that they can witness her living her dreams.

"Being able to play in front of my family and friends is definitely nice, getting to see everyone that i knew when i was growing up, definitely good, it's nice to have that support there," she said.

She's known for her tireless work ethic on and off the court, and Lee says she works hard because this is her once and lifetime chance

"I have 4 months left, or 3 months and 28 days left to be on this court and practicing and be a part of the team and play competitively and to give everything i've got, this is just a dream come true for me," said Venus.