Kailua Residents Clean Up After Flood

Pete Holst
Pete Holst

KAILUA (KHNL) -- Heavy downpour caused flooding at kailua beach park, and neighboring areas yesterday. it started drying out earlier today, but KHNL News 8's Mary Simms explains what local residents say is a frustrating and continuous problem.

Cleaning up after a flood is something residents we talked to say they are all too familiar with. Sunday's rain left a big mess in one low-lying Kailua community.

After water drowned his yard Sunday, the sun came out Monday helping Pete Holst get things back in order.

Cleaning up after a flood is a routine he's gotten used to in the past 24 years. He doesn't have flood insurance, but says living here, by the beach, is a risk he's willing to take.

"If you want to live in a flood zone, this is what you've got to put up with. Partially, the other part is the state, if they'd clean out all their systems and talk for four days about a storm coming, they could have opened up the canal deeper," said Holst.

Although he's frustrated, he's not pointing fingers.

"You can't just stand there and point fingers, I don't go to the neighborhood board meetings and maybe I should."

Next door, Chuck Priest cleans out this carport. He's moving to the mainland tonight and recently pulled his things out of storage and into the carport.

"It's been really kind of interesting actually. Kind of closure, kind of cleansing," said Priest.

Nearly 10 inches of water flooded his storage containers and ruined most of his stuff.

"I'm not sad, it's less I have to ship," said Priest.

The people we interviewed said they lost a few hundred dollars worth of property to the flood, and expect more rain may cause more problems for them in the very near future.