Baby Born to Brain-Dead Woman Lives Normal Life

Mike Fay
Mike Fay
Carie, Mike and Josiah Fay
Carie, Mike and Josiah Fay

(KHNL) - Her story captured the state two years ago. A brain-dead Big Island woman delivers a baby boy. Little Josiah Fay is a normal, active 23-month-old.

"He likes to dance, reacts to music immediately.  Soon as he hears music, he's running and dancing, said Mike and Carie Fay, Josiah's adoptive parents.

His family says he is proof miracles do happen.

In 2005, his mother Sarah Fay was beaten to death in her Big Island home.

"We got the call on Thanksgiving Day of 2005.  We knew she'd been going through a little bit of a struggle with her on-and-off boyfriend.  I didn't know him. But I knew he probably wasn't real good," said the Fays.

When the Fays flew in to see Sarah,

"Got there and told her just to let go. We'll take care of everything, just let go, and go on."

Sarah was kept on life support to save her unborn son.

"They had a monitor around her stomach, and you could hear his heartbeat. They were showing us the, what do you call that, ultrasound."

Who was delivered two weeks later.

"You could see his head and how he looked. It was just like 'wow.'

The Fays adopted their nephew.

"You start looking at the baby and you think about the positive. And it helps forget about that. But it doesn't go away. It'll always be a part of everything who we are."

When they look at Josiah they see Sarah.

"Just looking at him, I can see my sister's face."

And when he's older, they say they'll tell him what a beautiful, strong woman his mother was.

Josiah will be two on December 12. The family started a memorial fund and website for Sarah.