Heavy Rains Flood Kailua Beach Park, Homes

KAILUA (KHNL) - While the Island of Hawaii is being hit with the heavy showers, thunderstorms and heavy rain struck Oahu overnight.  And, by Sunday morning nearly a foot of rain had fallen on the windward side.

All the rain has left Kailua Beach Park looking much more like a lake, than a park. For neighboring residents who've faced flooding before, it's a winter tradition they say they've had enough of.

City and County crews pump water out of a flooded Kawailoa Road, into Kailua beach park.

"Right now the problem is that there was actually a storm drain that was plugged going out to the ocean and that facilitated everything backing up into this area," said Honolulu Fire Department Captain Robert Main.

Several homes flooded, others came within inches. It's a routine Kailua resident Robert Thurston says he's had enough of.

"If it was once in a while, like we had the hundred year's rain I could understand that. But, every year we have to look for this. Are we going to flood, are we going to flood -- every time it rains hard," said Thurston.

Over the years Thurston has lost quite a bit to flood water.

"Washers dryers, stoves, refrigerators, carpeting twice. maybe about 10 to 15 thousand dollars."

"The frustration is that we have been trying to get the city to help us with this problem with the flooding."

For now, the city is taking proactive measures in case more rain comes, because they say the drains won't be able to handle it.

"We're trying to mitigate some of the flow of the water going to the houses, the park is a natural low area," said Main.

And although the rain caused havoc for some, other expressed thanks for much needed hydration.