Dog Suffers More Repercussions from Racist Remarks

Brook Hart, Chapman's attorney
Brook Hart, Chapman's attorney

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Punishment for Hawaii's star bounty hunter is in. First a suspension, now, cable network A&E has yanked Duane "Dog" Chapman's show off its airwaves.

A&E pulled dog's crime-fighting reality hit off its schedule Friday. But the network says this doesn't mean Chapman's show is cancelled.

Days after Chapman's racist slurs hit the internet, anger over the star bounty hunter's remarks hit the headlines.

To show zero tolerance for racism, A&E announced it has pulled the show off the schedule "for the forseeable future" - a move that falls short of cancelling "Dog the Bounty Hunter". Also, Chapman's lawyer Brook Hart says one sponsor has pulled its ads.

"I believe that he really is not a racist, although he certainly said highly inappropriate things on that tape. Maybe the advertisers will see Duane for who he really is and excuse his behavior," said Hart.

On the web - mixed reaction.

One blogger on writes:

"I agree what Dog did was wrong but to kill his show is a bit much. How many of us would look just as bad in the heat of the moment with a family member. We love you Dog and want you back."

On A&E's online discussion board, another writes:

"I am appalled. I am sickened by the racist comments and will never watch the bounty hunter again."

Hart says Dog has begun the healing process.

"Duane has reached out to civil rights leaders across the country to express his dismay and repentance for his behavior," he said.

Whether his efforts to make amends will get Dog's crime-fighting show back remains to be seen.

Hart says Dog told him his son Tucker may have sold the leaked tapes to the National Enquirer for $15,000.

On the tapes, Dog repeatedly uses the N-word during a heated private phone call with his son about Tucker's african-american girlfriend.