Former Hawaii Pilot Recovers Fast From Near Death

HONOLULU (KHNL) - The former Hawaii pilot KHNL News 8 first reported on, who miraculously escaped death when his plane crashed near a busy Florida freeway, is on Oahu visiting family.

His amazing story of survival caught national attention with many, including Ellen DeGeneres, calling him a hero for maneuvering the plane away from drivers.

Bob Robertson says he is anxious to fly again. He earned his wings at one of the flight schools that used to be on Lagoon Drive at Honolulu International Airport.

Bob can't walk yet, but he's doing everything he can to get back on his feet so he can return to the skies.

He's hoping hyperbaric treatment will help him get back into a cockpit soon. During his short stay on Oahu, he's getting oxygen therapy at Hyperbaric Medicine Center.

"It's a gift for us that he's here with us now," says his mom, Julie Coelho.

Bob's near-death experience left him with a broken arm, stab wounds, lacerations on his knee, head, and lip, plus a compound fracture in his ankle.

One thing he's not suffering from is a fear of flying.

"There's a big mental thing but it wouldn't feel right if I let it stop me from doing something I've always liked to do," he says.

"He's anxious to be flying again. I'm not so anxious about that," says Coelho.

If there's a silver lining in bob's ordeal, he says it's in realizing what's really important in life.

"I got engaged in the hospital. My girlfriend of 8 months, I proposed to her in the hospital," he says.

As Bob treks on his road to recovery, he says he's determined to walk down the aisle, back on his feet and with his wings intact once again.

Bob plans to get married in Florida and in Hawaii this Spring. TV host Ellen DeGeneres has offered to pay for their honeymoon.

Bob flies back to Florida on Monday.