Kuhio Elementary Gets New Tree

Ema Peterman
Ema Peterman

MOILIILI (KHNL) - Students and teachers packed a Mo'ili'ili school today.

It was all to welcome a new tree that will be staying on their campus for a very long time. That tree is a five year old monkey pod. It replaces a much bigger, and well missed one that was cut down earlier this summer. An anonymous woman, who went to school there years ago as a child, donated that new monkey pod.

Like a grandmother's comforting arms, the branches of a 90 year old monkey pod at Kuhio Elementary used to protect everyone within its reach. But that was before it got sick, and in July the grand dame of the school campus needed to removed.

Third grader, Ema Peterman remembers that day well.

"I felt very sad when it got (pulled) out," she says. "Because it gave us shade and love and a lot of place to play."

The old tree was planted in the 1920's and grew to be more than 60 feet tall. Today, a new protector will replace her.

The school's principal Evelyn Aczon hao says, "Today we have a brand new tree... All of us are planting this tree so that future generations can sit under its shade."

In a special ceremony, students and teachers packed the school yard this morning to welcome a new monkey pod, that they hope will one day protect them from the smoldering sun's rays, and the tears of sadness that fall from the sky.

But this future protector is just a baby now, and the students know, in order for it to grow, it is their turn to be its care giver.