Curbside Recycling Kicks Off In Mililani

Ken Shimizu
Ken Shimizu

MILILANI (KHNL) -- For some, the first day of Oahu's new regionalized recycling plan was a bit confusing. Many had questions on which colored bin they should put out on the curbside this morning.

Mililani residents got to roll out their blue bins this morning, easily doing something good for the environment before they even had breakfast. But, not everyone had the environment in mind. Out of nearly 4,500 homes only about 900 decided to recycle.

It's the second day this week for regular garbage pick up here. Lots of grey bins with trash.

But, not so many blue bins. On this particular route of 1,000 homes, only 185 rolled out their recyclables.

"For 1,000 homes, only 185 homes -- I was wanting to see like maybe 50 percent, but its just the first day," said Ken Shimizu, Honolulu Department of Environmental Services.

Thursday is mixed recyclables day -- the blue bin. But, a few residents thought they would "go green."

"I counted about 10 homes, 10 that got confused about it," said Shimizu.

Confusion is what stopped Mililani resident Christopher Harrison from rolling out his recyclables.

"Well the problem is I don't know that much about it. It's just been not too convenient. It would be nice if they put the dates, or the days they recycle on the actual bin so we know when they're coming."

Although participation was low, more than 15 tons of quality mixed recyclables were collected, and the city says its best indicator of success. It expects more residents to roll out bins in the weeks to come.

"It's a needed program definitely we've gotta recycle or our recyclables are just going to be taking over the island," added Shimizu.

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