Police Suspect Racing in Crash that Killed Kunia Teen

Roman Cruz
Roman Cruz
Juanito Omnes
Juanito Omnes
J.R. Omnes
J.R. Omnes

KUNIA (KHNL) -- A heartbreaking Halloween for a Kunia family, as a teenaged boy is killed in a violent car crash.

Investigators say the child was a passenger in a car that may have been racing.

One look at the twisted metal and it's clear the front-seat passenger had little chance of surviving. Fourteen-year-old J.R. Omnes, an eighth grader at Wahiawa Middle, was pinned in the car and died at the crash scene.

"I like hear his voice one more time, but J.R. is already dead," Juanito Omnes, victim's father, said. "So I don't believe."

The driver, a 22-year-old family friend, lost control of his car on Anonui Street in Village Park and slammed into a light pole. Police say he may have been racing another car.

Roman Cruz heard the violent collision and ran out of his house to help.

"We tried to help them as best we can," Cruz said. "We even had to cut the driver out of his front seat 'cause he was choking by his own seat belt."

Omnes is described as a good boy who never asked his parents for anything, and never gave them any trouble. Family members say the driver's actions are upsetting.

"He should have known better to not even take those kids out late at night, or even speed or race somebody on a rainy day," Miriam Omnes, victim's sister, said.

Paramedics took the driver and a 13-year-old boy who was sitting in the back seat to the hospital in critical condition. Another rear-seat passenger, a 12-year-old boy, was in serious condition.

Omnes, a music lover and paint ball enthusiast, is the youngest of nine children.

"It's very, very heartbreaking," Miriam Omnes said. "We're just so shocked."

Investigators are looking for a maroon Honda that they say may have been racing the car that crashed. If you have any information, call Honolulu police.