Local Campaign Expands Website to Promote Smoke Free Lives

Don Weisman
Don Weisman

HONOLULU (KHNL) - A local campaign aimed at getting people to live smoke free expands its website. Clear the Smoke's new site provides even more information to help people end tobacco use in Hawaii.

For smokers and non-smokers, the choice to lead a healthy lifestyle is a personal one. That is the point the campaign is trying to make. Their goal is to convince Hawaii residents to think about how tobacco use affects them and their loved ones.

On their website, the message is clear. Tobacco hurts. That's what this new campaign is all about. Raising awareness about a serious public health issue in Hawaii.

"Most people associate smoking or second hand smoking to cancers but actually the greatest risk is from heart disease," said Don Weisman.

Don Weisman, a spokesperson for the American Heart Association says heart disease is the leading cause of death in Hawaii. 1,200 residents die from tobacco related diseases every year. That's why he says they're doing everything they can to help people live smoke free, and that includes expanding their website with more educational programs.

"There's a blog site so you can write and ask questions or you can comment on information that's posted there," Said weisman. "There's links to other organizations in the state that offer information on tobacco control cessation, you can get the latest news from around the country."

Weisman says the site is not for people who are trying to stop smoking but more for those dealing with family members who smoke.

"It's for people who are concerned about people who are exposed to second hand smoke, it gives them information on how they can help to avoid or eliminate those risks."

Aside from providing useful information on tobacco control, the site also provides free promotional items. All you have to do is go to their site and request for it.