Apple-plexy A Day

A recent medical report suggests that eating an apple before a meal is likely to reduce the amount of food you then consume at the meal. Now I'm not a food or nutrition expert, but I firmly believe that if you eat five apples before a meal, you might not feel like eating anything more at all! And then just think of how much weight you'll lose.

Is it any wonder that Americans constantly fight the battle of the bulge with their waistlines when yet another report seems to come out every week, some of which contradict what we heard last time. And in Hawaii, where obesity remains a problem, especially with our youth, it's nice to know what makes sense in your quest to help the young stay vibrant and healthy. So give 'em an apple or some other low calorie foodstuff like salad before the meal, and it makes sense that you are on your way to healthier, and thus happier, keiki.

Of course, as adults, we are still struggling with how much wine is OK, how much tofu is really good, where to draw the line on fish intake, washing leafy greens carefully, etc. Heck, they even told us to watch out for Vitamin E supplements, which were OK for 25-years! It's enough to make you start off a meal with a Twinkie or some Ding Dongs just for simple piece of mind, yeh? Ah, but that's food for pleasure, not for nutrition; I know- in moderation, Mr. Love-handle guru.  Chew on that, and Think about it...