First Walgreens Store Opens on Hawaii

Samuel Young
Samuel Young

HONOLULU (KHNL) - There's a new drugstore in town, part of a planned expansion that could include dozens of the popular pharmacy store in the future.

There's a crush of crowd eager to check out the newest store on Oahu, Walgreens.

" I think its fantastic, it carries a little bit of everything."says Kaneohe resident, Dan Daniels.

Inside, filled with health care products and local items, it looks similar to Walgreens' already established island competitors.

"Its about the same, the price wise about the same." says Samuel Young, of Honolulu.

But there are some differences.

"When you call in the prescription , we will service you when you want, in the time frame you want. When would you like to pick up your medication? And all our stores are open 24 hours." says Walgreens CEO Jeffrey Rein.

Walgreens also offers to print prescription labels in 14 different languages.

Outside the Kapiolani Boulevard location, its easy to spot another difference, hardly any room for cars.

"Here they don't have parking, Longs they have plenty parking." says Young.

But Walgreens is targeting those who are just visiting or who live or work nearby.

"In these dense dense urban areas you may just reach a block or two, where there are a lot of senior citizens and young people." says Rein.

Walgreens employees are impressed by the first day foot traffic and turnout. And feel demand for pharmaceutical sales will double in the next five years as our population ages and needs more medications.

Next year, Walgreens plans to open the doors on three more pharmacy stores around Hawaii.

Future Walgreens locations on Oahu and Maui, will have bigger stores, more parking and also drive thru pharmacy pick up.