Hawaii Halloween Bye Week

Colt Brennan
Colt Brennan

Give anyone a couple guesses at what Colt Brennan's favorite halloween costume was, and they'd probably be able to get it.

"I was like a football player like 7 times, but that was when I was young, but I got over it," said Brennan.

But when it comes to guessing one of Brennan's favorite targets, it might take you a little bit longer.

"Probably like the white power ranger or something," says receiver Davone Bess. "Don't put that on though!"

Sorry Davone, we couldn't resist. but what about the scariest player on the team?

"JP davis, he looks like one of those tribesman from Apocolypto or something, he's a little scary and he's quite the character and he gets my halloween award for sure," said Brennan.

Not everyone was unanimous in their decision though, some even took it to the next level.

"Oh man, the scariest member, i'd have to say Coach Mcknight," said Desmond Thomas.

It wasn't just all fun and games on Wednesday though. Through their example the veterans wanted to instill a good work ethic, even on a bye week, into the younger players.

"That's what makes a great team, if we work hard in practice and keep up on the intensity it'll pay off in the game and we'll stay undefeated," said Bess.