Dessert Fantasy Raises Funds for Cerebral Palsy

Donna Fouts
Donna Fouts

(KHNL) - One of Hawaii's favorite food events is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. The United Cerebral Palsy Association of Hawaii is holding its annual "Dessert Fantasy" fundraiser this Sunday. Here to give us a preview, is Executive Director, Donna Fouts.

KRISTINE:  Donna, thanks for coming.

DONNA:  Good morning.

KRISTINE: You brought quite a spread.   Let's talk about this right away.

DONNA:  Okay, these are from Café Lauffer, one of our fun, fun vendors, we always enjoy.  He did a nice selection, which sort just give you an idea what's gonna be there.  We have over 50 different vendors and probably about 60 different desserts that will be featured at our Dessert Fantasy.

KRISTINE: And what do we have here?

DONNA:  We have a chocolate caramel and macadamia nut tart, chocolate merengue, an apple crisp and a custard topped with strawberries.

KRISTINE:  And are they all this small?

DONNA:  Pretty much everything will be sample size but you have two hours you can eat as many samples as your heart and tummy desire.

KRISTINE: That's a lot of samples.

DONNA:  That is a lot of samples  (laughs).

KRISTINE:  Okay, so what is Cerebral Palsy?

DONNA:  Cerebral Palsy, I think to a lot of people's surprise, is not a disease.  It's permanent brain damage and when it happens, there is no cure but there are lots we can do therapy wise.  So an event this like goes to support our very program we offer in the state.

KRISTINE:  And it's an annual event?

DONNA:  Annual event, it started out as a 30th birthday party.  We now are 15 years later still doing it as just a wonderful event.

KRISTINE: Is there going to be anything new and unique this year than the years past?

DONNA:  Yes, we do.  New this year, we've added a silent auction.  You can eat only so much and then you need a little walking time to look around.  We've got about 50 items, fun type things, things in baskets, trips, getaways.  I think it'll add a nice feature, certainly no pressure, there's no live auctioneer, we got entertainment going but gives you a variety of time to look around, eat, enjoy and keep going.

KRISTINE:  Everyone's invited?

DONNA: Everyone's invited.  Nice if you're a parent or grandparent.  Children under 5 are free.  It's a fun little thing, you can bring some of the siblings and go look around.

KRISTINE:  And the cost, not too bad.

DONNA:  $25 and for two hours of unbelievable dessert eating, it's probably the best deal in town.

KRISTINE:  Some of the desserts will be featured this Sunday at the Pacific Beach Hotel in the Grand Ballroom from 1 to 3 PM.  Twenty-five bucks all you can eat desserts for two hours.  I'm sure a lot of people will get their money worth while helping a good cause.