Go! Pays a Huge Price for Misusing Hawaiian's Information

HONOLULU (KHNL) - A federal bankrupcy judge awards Hawaiian airlines $80 million in damages against Mesa airlines.

It's a big win for Hawaiian in its lawsuit against island newcomer Mesa Airlines which operates Go!

Go! is one of the neighbor island carriers that operates out of the commuter terminal here at Honolulu International.

No one from the airline is talking yet about what this 80 million dollar judgment means.

It took just four weeks for U.S. Bankruptcy court Judge Robert Faris to side with Hawaiian Airlines. He concluded:

Mesa Air Group misused confidential information it obtained during Hawaiian's chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Mesa breached the confidentiality agreement when it failed to return the confidential material to Hawaiian or destroy it.

Mesa used the information to gain a competitive advantage when it decided to enter the Hawaii interisland market last year.

The trial was full of twists and turns including allegations Mesa's chief financial officer deleted confidential Hawaiian documents when he deleted porn from his computer.

Besides awarding Hawaiian the 80-million the judge also ordered mesa to pay Hawaiian's mounting legal bills.

Hawaiian's President and CEO, Mark Dunkerley, commented, "Today's ruling is a triumph for fair competition and ethics over dishonesty and illegal behavior. Nobody benefits when a company like Mesa misuses confidential information to gain an unfair competitive advantage, then lies about it and destroys evidence."

The president of Mesa Airlines was unavailable for comment this afternoon. Jonathon Ornstein is enroute to the mainland after starting up a new service in China.