Honolulu Commuter Save $600/Month On Gas

Lyn Baclaan
Lyn Baclaan

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- We're all looking for ways to save money on gas. An Ewa Beach woman has found a way to save more than $600 a month on her gasoline purchases.

Simply, she stopped driving, and started taking the bus.

Driving an SUV Ewa Beach to Honolulu every day cost Lyn Baclaan lots of money. Now, she saves with a bus pass, and gets to work faster.

This is Lyn's V8 Toyota Sequoia. It sits here during the week, because she takes the bus to work.

"Recently I started actually tracking my gas mileage. I've always known how much money I've been spending but to see it in writing," said Baclaan.

Realizing how much she was spending on gas prompted Lyn to make a big change.

She started catching the Ewa Beach Express, and is now saving more than $600 a month in gasoline.

"It changed not only my bank account but my charge cards too, so that motivated me."

Not having been on a bus in more than 20 years, Lyn was hesitant at first.

"I have to get over the stigma of catching the bus again."

She was worried what others might think.

"My neighbors might be looking at me thinking, 'oh, now she's catching the bus she must be financially having a hard time,' but I'm just getting over that stigma and catching the bus."

She says the benefits are more than just financial -- getting to relax on the bus, and arriving at work in only 40 minutes, at the height of rush hour.

"I never got to ride the zipper lane, now I get to ride the zipper lane and look at all the other cars in traffic."

"It's just helped me about feeling better about helping the environment."

Lyn says she still needs to drive into Honolulu on the weekends, and is considering getting a smaller car to get around, or doing most of her weekend business on the west side.