Kalihi Woman Murdered, Man in Hospital

Jerry Oba
Jerry Oba

KALIHI (KHNL) -- Police got a call just before three Sunday afternoon to a house at 2110 Kahaha Street.  Authorities say a 49 or 50 year old man was taken to Queens Medical Center in critical condition with stab wounds. Paramedics say a 44-year-old woman was found dead at the scene.

Neighbors all say the people kept to themselves. Leon Worly, who lives across the street, says, "The people over there are very quiet. I've never heard any commotion or anything from there so I'm shocked." Jerry Oba, who lives behind the house, said, "I was surprised to see Channel 8 here then I thought something must've happened."

Reaction from neighbors is mixed. Some say they're shocked by the violence of this crime. Michael Dicks said, "I can't even believe it. I've never been involved in any violence. This is appalling to me."

Others say, this is Kalihi and anything can happen. Worley said, "It makes me concerned, but we do live in Kalihi. Kalihi is a different beast. There's crime all over. This isn't Kahala, you know."