Olympic Medalist Coaches Lanai Kids

LANAI (KHNL) - Lanai kids got a golden oportunity to learn from a silver medalist! Olympic star Bryan Clay was on the island this weekend to teach children more about his sport. He's teaching a free clinic for boys and girls, to show them proper warm up and running techniques. "It's something you're so passionate about and you want everyone else to be passionate," says Clay, explaining why he wants to coach.

The Castle High School graduate is a 2004 Olympic silver medalist and 2005 decathlon world champion. "I've been given this talent and it's a stepping stone for what I'm gong to do later in life. I really feel there's a purpose for me doing track right now," says Clay.

He's still competing in track and field events now, but one day hopes to work with children. "Working with kids and hopefully inspiring kids to be better people," says Clay.

He says growing up in Hawaii helps him connect to the youth here. "Just be someone out there that's tangible for them. Let them know, 'Hey, I'm from Hawaii, I was failing my classes, doing all this other stuff, product of a divorced home, all this outrageous stuff was going on, and I was able to still be successful and reach my wildest dreams.'"