Soldier Gives Wife a Surprise Homecoming

Michael Madix
Michael Madix

By Mari-Ela David

KAKAAKO (KHNL) --  It was an unexpected reunion between a Hawaii soldier and his wife.

Following an eight-month tour of duty in Kuwait, Michael Madix was supposed to fly to Chicago to see family.  Little did his wife Kim know, Michael scratched his plans at the last minute so he could surprise her instead.

Michael arrived at Honolulu International Airport, after serving overseas in Kuwait.  But he had one more mission to accomplish.

"It's going to be a big surprise for her," he said.  "She doesn't have a clue."

Michael strategically timed his flight back home so he could surprise his wife Kim, who was getting pampered at Ward Center's Paul Brown salon.

"The magic is still there and I don't want her to have any doubts," said Michael.

On his way there, nerves kicked in.

"I can't stop shaking," Michael said. "People who know me know that I'm not my normal self."

And then, the surprise.

"I thought I was dreaming," said his wife Kim.  "I didn't know if I was like, I was seeing things or hallucinating."

Hallucinating because of the white lie Michael told Kim about his plans to visit family in Chicago before heading home.

"She was devastated," Michael said.  "She started crying."

"I was upset, I was really upset," said Kim.

But tears shed while Michael was in Kuwait, transformed into tears of joy. Their reunion is proof that their magic is still alive, even after 22 years of marriage.

Romance seems to be Michael's middle name. He was deployed on February 16, so on the 16th of every month since he's been gone, Michael would send Kim a gift, including a gift certificate at Paul Brown, which is why she was there Friday night.