Getting Back To Normal at Edmundson Hall

Chuck Biraelamb
Chuck Biraelamb

MANOA (KHNL) - Edmundson Hall at the University of Hawaii-Manoa is starting to dry out following last weekend's flooding there. And some professors are returning to their offices.

The response was quick and thorough. For several days contractors have used equipment to dry out the building and from the looks of things, it's working.

Professor Chuck Biraelamb is back in his office as things return to normal. Last weekend a fire melted a pipe that flooded most of the science building.

Biraelamb recalls, "It's been quite wet at the beginning now quite noisy with the driers."

He studies coral reefs and checks slides taken all over the world. Luckily the flood waters didn't damage his life's work. But his C-D collection got soaked.

"I took my CD's home and dried them with a towel and put them in front of an air conditioner and that's the biggest good point for me," says Biraelamb.

From lap tops to rare books, the damage is extensive.

For the past four days a contractor has worked to dry out the building. "I was impressed how they came in like a swat team and cleaned things up."

Drew Chamberlain with Hawaii Restorative explains, "So we continually replace the air inside the building with new dry air fresh from outside. "

Now the experts move into the office where the fire started to try to save what they can.