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October 24, 2007

No Test Left Behind

The No Child Left Behind law has certainly caused a lot of focus and confusion over the past five years, and the importance placed on testing has become a huge tipping point for this educational mandate of meeting goals and certain established criteria.  Seems like in the effort to leave no child behind, someone forgot to look at the details for the adults.  Teachers are under pressure, administrators are worried about results and perhaps take their eyes off of the bigger picture--and for good reason.

And now the test providers admit to having made scanning errors on the tests here, which throws things into a whirlwind yet again.  Apparently the scanner gave blank books low scores.  "Low" scores--when I was in school, a blank book normally meant you slept through your test!   The scanning issues are just the latest debacle in what seems to be an annual frenzy of worry  and concern.  Is this the best way to teach?  Are we really helping to develop the students so that no child truly is left behind?  Is the current system, not just the test, set up for success?  Will entire schools feel like failures based on the scores, and do the parents really care?

Get these questions resolved, and no one will be left behind; that would be the ultimate victory and success, vs. the perhaps hollow results from a dubious system that seems to have more issues than answers every year.  Think About It.

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