San Diego Fires Reach Warriors

Dan Kelly
Dan Kelly

HONOLULU (KHNL)-- With over 100 players on the Hawai'i football team, more than a third of them call California home. Four of them come from San Diego, where wildfires continue to burn.

"It's something you deal with, just like you deal with tidal waves and earthquakes here in Hawai'i, we deal with brush fires and earthquakes in California, it's a natural disaster it's a tragedy obviously, hopefully everyone just gets out as best as possible," said Warrior quarterback Colt Brennan.

It's not just the players with ties to San Diego either. Head coach June Jones spent a year in 1998 coaching the Chargers and still keeps in contact with friends there.

"I've called a lot of people and it's kind of a real tragedy and it's a mess, and it's hard to believe those things can happen here in 2007," said Jones.

However just like the firefighters in California, the warriors know they have a job to do this weekend and won't let circumstances out of their control distract them.

"It happens, you make the best of it, pray that it won't damage too many people's properties, ruin too many people's lives and just move on," said Warrior kicker Dan Kelly.