Navy Reservist who Faces Deployment Makes Time to Coach Soccer

Lawrence Hamilton
Lawrence Hamilton

PEARL CITY (KHNL) - Time at home, is poignantly valuable for anyone who faces deployment to the Middle East.

We meet a Makakilo Navy reservist, who is set to be shipped-off, next week.  And yet, he still volunteers his free time to coach girls soccer, as his "Random Act of Kindness."

''Blitz, Blitz, Blitz, You know that's right!"

He watches his team practice, looking like something out of The Terminator.

''I need two laps around the big cones. Go! Sprint!"

Lawrence Hamilton, is a volunteer coach with the Ka'oi Soccer Club.

"I love coaching. I just love coaching kids," said Hamilton.

''Get your feet behind there. Chop it forward, not to the side."

Coach Hamilton barks instructions like a man with a military background.

That's because he does.

Truck driver by trade, Hamilton is an equipment operator with the Navy Reserve's Sea-Bee Unit.

It's set to be deployed, next week.

''We don't know quite where. But, we kind of assume where it is. Somewhere in the desert."

''Fast! Inside-outside, inside-outside."

For Hamilton, these last few practices will be as precious as ever.

Once on the otherside of the world, he'll have to monitor his teams through phone calls and emails.

''When I do come back, not hoping, when I do come back, I hope they don't forget me. Besides my family, and my kids, the thing I'm going to miss the most is these girls. And all the girls we helped train to be better players. That's what I'm going to miss the most."

Right back at ya, coach.

"Thank you coach Lawrence!"