Close Calls

An accident last week knocked out power for hours at the intersection of Sand Island Access Road and Nimitz Highway.  Yes, it points out once again how people need to slow down, but it also points how once again just tight things are around here.  One light pole goes down, and it takes an hour and twenty minutes to navigate a two-mile stretch, as was the case for yours truly.

In Hawaii, we live so close to one another that when your neighbor sneezes in his bathroom, he can easily hear you say "bless you" next door.  Our single-wall construction often times doesn't leave much to the imagination.  And sometimes you can tell what the neighbor's watching on TV by just listening for a few seconds.  And when cars go bad, the roadway arteries are tied up for hours as we have few options in our efforts to circumnavigate our little global village on each island.

I would remind drivers everywhere to slow down again, but nowadays "slow down" sounds like an edict or a plea to the docked superferry operators, so I'll pass on that lesson this week. Maybe the tight nature of our housing and our constricted roadways requires us to be a bit more civil, respectful, and understanding, and that's a good thing.  Maybe that's why people are so taken aback by seeming uncivil behavior, which is par for the course elsewhere.  Maybe that's why some of us like it here best.  Think About It.