Inspirational Honolulu Triathlete in Xterra Championship

Fouad "Ed" Fattoumy
Fouad "Ed" Fattoumy

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Think of it as a triathlon -- supercharged.

The Xterra World Championship is this Sunday on Maui, and hundreds of top athletes from around the world are competing.

There's one Honolulu resident who has signed up -- not to prove what he can do, but to prove there's nothing he can't do.

42-year old Fouad "Ed" Fattoumy is defying the odds.

"My neurologist told me I be able to walk, but you never be able to run," said Fattoumy. "Never be able to bike because of the balance imparement and nervous system disorder."

Three years ago, the long-time triathlete was run down while riding his bike near Makapuu.

"Spent few days in a wheelchair," he said. "I thought I was done."

Instead, it pushed him even harder to get back in shape. Fattoumy won the physically challenged division of the Xterra World Championships the last two years, and it hasn't been easy.

"I fell running and cracked my ribs eight times," he said.

That's because the accident left him with problems with balance. He also suffers constant pain and muscle spasms in his legs. And he doesn't have full range of motion in his arms.

"Besides that, I think I still can race pretty decent," he smiled.

What keeps Fattoumy smiling -- enjoying the outdoors, proving people like him can still be active members of society, and of course, finishing.

"There should be no first, second, third, as a physically challenged division," he said. "We should be all winners."

Sunday's race is the final one of the year in the Xterra competitions.

It consists of a one-mile swim, an 18-mile bike ride, and a six-mile run, over extreme conditions.