Swimming Pool Pump Could Save Your Home

Carmen Malunao
Carmen Malunao

WAIKELE (KHNL) - The raging California wildfires have local homeowners wondering how to protect their homes. Certainly the Honolulu Fire Department is your first call. But as we are seeing in the California wildfires, there are just not enough firefighters to go around. We discovered a small pump that can help you beat down flames until help arrives.

When brushfires get close like this one Monday in Waikele, people protect their property with garden hoses. But there is not much water pressure to attack the flames. National Fire Protection in Kalihi has water pumps that could save homes threatened by fire. This floating pump puts out a powerful stream

Sales Representative Carmen Malunao says, "I was really amazed this thing has terrific horsepower to draw out that water and that's what we need in a fire and in an emergency such as this. This is the right application rather than a garden hose to put out the fire."

The pump sucks water out of the pool and forces it down the 100 foot hose soak the street. It's made to operate in a swimming pool. But it works well in just a child's pool.

Depending on your accessories, the fire float runs from $3,000 to $5,000, a small price to pay in terms of losing your home.

Malunao adds, "This would be a very proactive thing to do and we recommend this especially now when the weather is dry and water is sometimes scarce to get to I think this application would be wonderful for any resident or any homeowner or business to have on hand."