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Spots Inn

Food just like mom used to make. A tip from a viewer sends Sam and Lyle back to Kalihi for this week's Cheap Eats.

"I've got the sweet sour spare ribs and it's humungous," says one customer.

Humungus is the right word for this week's Cheap Eats choice. It's what has people lined up for some ono food.

Lyle: Sam what do you think of when I say homestyle cooking?

Sam:  There's a place I know that hits the spot.

Lyle:  Where?

Sam: Spots Inn. Ooo, homestyle plate lunches.

 That's right. It's Spots Inn in the Kokea Plaza on Dillingham Boulevard right across from Honolulu Community College.

< P> Just about everything on the menu is made to order. Plate lunches average $5.50 to six bucks.

Everyday there's a list of spots specials. Just check out this huge chunk of homemade lasagna.

Sharlene Wong is the viewer who steered us to Spots Inn.  She says, "My favorite's the New York steak and the reuben sandwhich and the broasted chicken with noodles."

Spots Inn is celebrating six years in business.

Sam's in the kitchen with owner and chef Seiko Aihara to find out what it is that keeps customers coming back.

Seiko says, "We serve on the plate, you know, paper plate. But inside of the plate is restaurant quality. Right. That's not fast food. That's a very good saying, inside the plate restaurant quality."

Other specials include chicken cordon bleu and red snapper.  They make a ceasar's salad that's so good, it sells out fast.

What do customers say about spots?

"The portions are good. In fact I come here more often than I should, so if my wife is watching this, it's not me, it's somebody else that looks like me," says Ron Wada.

Ferdinan Edralin says, "Spots have good lunch and dinner and give a lot of food. Makes you go to sleep afterwards."

Lyle: Well Sam, it's time to dig into some Cheap Eats. Sam's having the ceasar salad for $5.95 and I'm having this thick porterhouse steak for $10.95.

Sam: Unbelievable.

In case you're wondering, Seiko named the restaurant after her dalmation. Spots Inn is located on Dillingham Boulevard right across from Honolulu Community College.



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