Island Style Leadership on Customer Service

Glenn Furuya
Glenn Furuya

(KHNL) - Leadership Works trainer Glenn Furuya is back, to help kick off your work week with his island style leadership.  We're talking customer service.

KRISTEN:  Hi Glenn, good morning.

GLENN:  Good morning.

KRISTEN: We all know that customer service is key to good business, right?  It's really important.  So what do you say?

GLENN:  The key to customer service is a much talked about subject.  And to me, customer service is really about a cake with frosting.  The organizations that deliver great customer service deliver a very, very solid cake.  Cake represents a solid solution, that means you've got to give your customers a very good product, a very good service, something they really need.  Now the frosting on top of the cake represents good feelings.  Good feelings are helpfulness, friendliness, being nice to the customers, being sincere.  The combination of solid cake with good feelings is what really makes customer service.

KRISTEN:  Everything basically.  Not just one or the other but everything.

GLENN:  Right, it's a combination.

KRISTEN:  And how do you do that?

GLENN: The key to that is a mantra.  The organizations that practice the mantra, and many of my clients do it.  It's a very simple mantra and it's greet, help, thank.   Greet the customers, say hello, good morning. Try to up that a bit, give the feeling of everybody's welcome, they want you to be here.  Help is really the cake where you're solving the problem, providing a solution and then always show sincere appreciation at the end.  Thanking your customers for coming because they could have gone somewhere else.

KRISTEN:  That's true but what about times where you have customers that are too demanding, out of control.  You know that they're in the wrong but you still don't want to hurt their feelings and drive them away.  How do you handle that?

GLENN: Always try to recover, always try to reverse it, always look for some way to find a solution to their issues by listening to them and try to see if you can identify some way you can fulfill that need but it's really getting to their cake and doing it a nice way.

KRISTEN:  Is it true what we always hear, the customer's always right?

GLENN:  You generally want that impression.  You generally do but there are ways you can deliver service where you can appease the customers without them feeling wrong.

KRISTEN:  And as a customer, when do you know you're in the right to speak up and say the service wasn't that great?

GLENN:  Island style is like that.  People don't like speaking up but this is to welcome the feedback because the only way we can improve is the feedback from our customers.  The more feedback we can get, the better we will be so please share.

KRISTEN:  Good or bad.

GLENN:  Good or bad.

KRISTEN:  Alright, thanks again Glenn.  We'll see you again next Monday.