Pedestrians Want More Crosswalks on Kapolei Parkway

EWA BEACH (KHNL) -- There's a large roadway in Ewa Beach that has some pedestrians fearing for their lives. They say crossing Kapolei Parkway is dangerous, and they hope KHNL News 8's Talk Story can help.

Raed Hijaz and his dog, Lava, make it across Kapolei Parkway safely. But he says he's had several close calls with cars.

"It is pretty hard," Hijaz said. "I mean, we always like watch for cars coming. We have to wait sometimes like 10 minutes just to make the car like, make sure that no cars coming."

Kapolei Parkway goes through the Ocean Pointe development in Ewa Beach.

Resident Joe Droll contacted KHNL News 8's Talk Story. He says many drivers speed on the roadway, and that more crosswalks and traffic signals are needed before someone gets hurt.

"It's like playing a game of Frogger out there. You gotta look both ways, gotta tell the kids you gotta look both ways," Droll said. "And when you do, there's some idiots coming through one of the intersections, and they've about got a two-block head start."

Developer Haseko, which owns Kapolei Parkway, says it commissioned a traffic study in January to see if crosswalks or traffic signals could be warranted. The study found two intersections, one at Kaileolea Drive and another one at Keoneula Boulevard, met the criteria.

"Especially in the evening, if you come like around 5:30, 6 o'clock, a lot of people exercise walking," Hijaz said. "They walk around and they use the crosswalk."

But with long stretches between crosswalks, Droll believes it's not enough.

"This area, there's loads of families," he said. "So, again, just trying to be safe."

A spokesperson for the developer says safety is a priority, and that the company will order more traffic studies as needed.