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Country Music Station Gives Away Free Gas

Dita Holifield Dita Holifield
Tiana Rodrigues Tiana Rodrigues

WAHIAWA (KHNL) - Hawaii's only country music station needs more listeners!  So, what better way to get their attention than with free gasoline!

Cars and trucks lined up and Honolulu police officers helped direct traffic as 97.5's morning radio disc jockey pumped $9.75 worth of free gas to anyone who pulled into the 76 gas station in Wahiawa Friday morning.

"There is finally a return of country music to FM radio 97.5 so in honor, we're giving away what everybody in Hawaii wants and that is free gas, said 97.5 country DJ, Dita Holifield.

"You need free gas, you can't give it up. Who would give up free gas? " asked Tiana Rodrigues, a Wahiawa resident.

Once all the tanks were filled with free gas in Wahiawa, the radio crew headed to the windward side of Oahu and Kaneohe.

Drivers there also had a chance at $9.75 worth of free gasoline.

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