Kahala Playground Fiasco Leaves Neighbors Stunned

Ann Wong
Ann Wong
Shane Olsen
Shane Olsen

By Walter Makaula

KAHALA (KHNL) -- Wilson Community Park was filled with nearly a hundred kids when a huge fight broke out Wednesday afternoon.

It escalated into a slew of brawls. Two ambulances arrived to care for the injured, and neighbors were left in disbelief.

They said it's not the first time something like this has happened.

The neighborhood board met Thursday night with the police and Senator Sam Sloam.

They handed a five-page petition, asking for their support in winning back their neighborhood, and the park that used to be safe for their kids.

Some say the park is a popular place for neighborhood kids and teens to play basketball, baseball, and apparently do drug deals.

Ann Wong, who lives across the street, describes what she saw one day.

"One young man pulled out a wad of cash from his pocket and proceeded to hand it to another man that took several white plastic baggies of a white substance out in an exchange," she said.

Several fights in the park Wednesday, involving dozens of young boys. Witnesses tell us they saw knives, blood and something much scarier.

Wong described a Gray pick up truck filled with about ten teen age boys pulled up to the park and everyone got out, but she said, "There was still one man in the back of the truck that raised his left hand with a gun... I screamed and the driver yelled at the guy in the back of the truck. Get down lets go!"

Wilson Elementary School is next door.

School Principal Richard Kiyonaga sent out a letter warning parents of the danger. In it, he asked parents not to drop their child off before 7:15 am.

He also wrote parents to remind their child not to leave campus once they are dropped off, and to be sure to arrange supervision or pick up of their child within 20 minutes of dismissal.

"We can take care of them during the school day," said Kiyonaga. "It's before and after school and off campus, that we're less sure about and more concerned."

Shane Olsen lives acrosss the street with his wife and three young children.

"It sickens me," he said. "I moved to Hawaii to get away from that on the mainland. I moved to Kahala. It's supposed to be really nice over here and this is going on in the park right across the street from me."