Getting There

We've got airline issues, ferry issues, traffic issues, mass transit issues.  These transportation decisions sure seem to occupy a lot of time and conversation these days, and well they should. The prices we pay, the things we do, the people we see, the time we take, the places we go- all depend on moving ourselves around through one means or another.

With the ferry and the airline controversies on-going, there is a lot of blame and finger-pointing going on; lots of "should have" and "could have," as hindsight is always 20/20.  These headline grabbers are far from resolved, but one lesson from all of this is to make sure that major impact plans are fully vetted before they start to become a reality.  As we see signs of decision-making and detailed planning to begin mass transit ground-breaking over the next few years, it is of monumental importance and value to make sure that no one assumes anything is ok from a legal standpoint without firm conviction, if that's humanly possible in our litigious society.

Community groups, environmentalists, activists, and myriad other interested parties should certainly have their say before one shovel hits the ground.  But then, let's hope a project can actually be done, and done well, in a timely manner.  No more black eyes for inefficiency, no more hand-wringing over Hawaii's lack of business acumen.  The angst and agitation caused by the ferry issues and the combative airlines should be fair warning that civility and acceptance are not automatic givens when change is at Stake in Hawaii.  Think About It.