Rocky Start For New Hawaii Hoops Team, "Pacific Rim Rockers"

Julian Sensley
Julian Sensley
Alika Smith
Alika Smith
Andrew Moss
Andrew Moss

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- You saw it first here on KHNL News 8 -- the team that used to be called the "Hawaii Hurricanes" has had a rough start amid allegations of impropriety by their former owner, Andrew Moss.

The local American Basketball Association (A.B.A.) team is in serious jeopardy, and they say they need your help.

With the former owner missing in action, and suspected of bad business practices, the A.B.A.has reassigned the market reservation to new owners with a new name: Pacific Rim Rockers.

But, the season starts in less than a month, and the new ownership group says they have a long way to go, to make it happen.

The Pacific Rim Rockers, have heart. But, they need funding.

"So, we're asking for any help possible whether it be corporate sponsors or private investors or anything," said head coach Alika Smith.

The team says former owner Andrew Moss made lots of promises, but didn't deliver.

"It's housing, its money. Obviously, the contract that everyone signed -- and it's just a bad situation," said basketball player Julian Sensley.

"What do you think of Andrew Moss at this point?"

"I don't think I can say it on camera, but I'm just very disappointed," said Sensley.

Now, the newly re-named "Pacific Rim Rockers" are scrimmaging to secure more than half a million dollars, in funding and sponsorships so the team can survive.

"These guys are very sincere about wanting to have a sports team here and wanting to do things right," said basketball player Deonte Tatum.

This is the second attempt to bring a professional hoops team to Hawaii. Head coach Alika Smith fears if they don't get off the ground now, it may never happen.

"With us discussing it, if we don't have a season this year, its not going to fly next year or the year after."

Former University of Hawaii basketball star Julian Sensley hasn't made a full commitment to the team yet, but wants to stay.

"So, if people are willing to come out and support, I'd be more than willing to stay and support whatever the heck this team is going to be called."

If the owners can get the funding and sponsorships it needs for the "Rim Rockers," their first game will be on November 11th.

For more information, contact Alika Smith @ (808) 391-0284 or email, or