Straub Nurses Sacrifice For Good Cause

Katriona Butler
Katriona Butler

HONOLULU (KHNL) - A team of nurses at Straub Hospital in Honolulu are going to great lengths help a fellow nurse who is fighting cancer.

Their calling is to save lives. They usually care for patients. But now they rally around former Straub nurse Tiffany Capps who battles breast cancer.

They organized a beauty salon in the hospital rotunda and donate to Locks of Love. Nurses leave with a sleek style and a sense of satisfaction.

Could there be a big mistake? The stylist seems to be taking off way too much.

Nurse Katriona Butler confides, "The day she had her hair cut she sent pictures to us online. I said you still look beautiful and she said I hate it, I hate it. I thought you know, she has a really good point. It's not going to hurt me to shave my hair. "

Team Tiffany has raised thousands of dollars to offset medical expenses.

Nurse Susan Trent is thrilled, "I just am amazed at how people have given, we are easing up on three thousand dollars in donations for TIffany."

"If I could raise money somehow doing that for her why not my hair is going to grow back," Concludes Butler.

Another nurse shouts out, "Katriona you have beautiful features."

Butler smiles, "There is no tears here, this is for Tiffany."

Nurses giving their all in a time of need.