Girl Power Event Focuses on Hawaii's Teens

Marcie Uehara Herring
Marcie Uehara Herring

(KHNL) - A local wellness coach is teaching island teenaged girls to dream big, make a difference and to celebrate themselves. Marcie Uehara Herring's new book titled Swim With Your Current is set to hit store shelves, this Saturday. She's here to talk about her girl power event.

MARVIN:  Marcie, good morning.

MARCIE:  Good morning.

MARVIN:  What is the primary message with Swim With Your Current?

MARCIE:  Swim With Your Current is a book for teen girls that really encourages them to dream big, to set goals and to really think about how they want to make a difference in our communities by sharing their gifts and talents.

MARVIN:  What is it about this topic that inspires you to write this book?

MARCIE:  I actually write a column called "Ocean Café" for Sassy Magazine, which is a magazine that's distributed to middle and high schools here in Hawaii and what I love about that publication is that it really focuses on our teens here in Hawaii and I wanted to have that same kind of message for teen girls here in Hawaii.

MARVIN:  We talk about empowering teen girls and I hate to say it that it's still of a man's world still.  When it comes to gender equity and empowering young women, where do we stand in society today?

MARCIE:  I think in Hawaii, we're really on the leading edge so for example, here in Hawaii, we have a new court called "The Hawaii Girls' Court" and we're one of the first of a kind in the nation and we're really supporting girls by providing programs for girls here in Hawaii.

MARVIN:  When you open this book, you'll notice that it's not just a book, there are things in there like for example the "Be You" quizzes, what's that all about?

MARCIE:  One of the things in this book is that it really gets out the issues for teen girls.  So one of the issues that come up as we work with girls is around relationship safety and dating violence and so we have a quiz in this book from the team alert program that addresses that as well as fun questions that for example, we have a question that said, "What'is your small kid-time memory?"  And "What's your cultural value that guides your life?"

MARVIN:  You've mentioned that you're part of a column for Sassy Magazine, as you continue your column, I understand this is the first of series of books that you've prepared as well?

MARCIE:  Sure is.  The other books we're working on is called We Sell Butterfish which is a mother-daughter guide to living well.  And the other one is called Ocean Café which is a community guide to supporting girls.

MARVIN:  You have an event coming up, tell us about that.

MARCIE: The event is this Saturday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  It will be at the Hawaiian Convention Center and we're featuring an original team play by Grace's Intelligence and we'll have resource booths for girls that celebrate health and wellness.

MARVIN:  Marcie, congratulations and continue success, we'll look forward to these other books as well.  The girl power event is set for this Saturday, from 9 in the morning, until 5 in the afternoon at the Hawaii Convention Center. Tickets are $20. It's a bargain when you consider, it includes a copy of the book and lunch.