Waikiki Hotel Workers Protest Again

Kapuna Kanaiaupuni
Kapuna Kanaiaupuni

WAIKIKI (KHNL) - They've been fired, re-hired, then fired again. Then, workers at an Oahu hotel learn they're going back on the pay roll yet again. Workers at Pacific Beach Hotel certainly have been through a lot. But Tuesday's announcement still has many employees angry - and they let everyone know it.

Employees marched in front of Pacific Beach Hotel Tuesday afternoon. Several hundred have been offered their jobs back, but many say they're frustrated with the fine print attached to the offer letter.

Even workers from different hotels flew in from neighbor islands to protest.

"For support, our brothers and sisters, to make sure they get a fair shake and they're not intimidated," says Robert Cabacungan, a hotel worker from Maui.

Management changes the past year have left employees frustrated.

"As an immigrant, it's so hard to think that America is like this," says hotel worker Virginia Ricardo.

Two months after Pacific Beach Hotel announced a mass layoff planned near Christmas, workers learn many will get their jobs back, under a few conditions.

"A lot of people that were offered positions, they're going to cut their pay, change some of their positions and what we want to do is get all our workers back with no loss of pay or seniority and we want a contract," says Kapuna Kanaiaupuni, a hotel employee.

Many are also angry over a three-month probationary period attached to the job offer.

"We don't like the word 'at will'. That means if they want to fire us anytime within that 3-months period they can just let us go without any good reason," says hotel worker Lerma Ulep.

Hotel employees demand a 100% guarantee they'll get their jobs back with no strings attached.

"We're not going to give up, we're going to fight for a fair union contract. What's fair is fair," says Kanaiaupuni.

Pacific Beach Corporation says it plans to send more offer letters out, but current employees must re-apply. A spokesperson says not all have done that.