Hawaii-based Marines and Sailors Return From Iraq

Kris Lock
Kris Lock
Amber Davis
Amber Davis

(KHNL) - It's a heart-warming scene that never gets old.

In Kaneohe Tuesday afternoon, hundreds of marines and sailors returned home to their loved ones.

"Oh my goodness, I've been very sick with excitement. And so are the girls. We're excited. Very excited," exclaimed Kris Lock, the wife of a marine.

Excitement - mixed with relief.

These families spent seven months waiting for their loved ones to return home.

They lined a hangar at Marine Corps Base Hawaii with banners and balloons - a colorful show of support for the men and women they've been waiting for.

"We just kept doing our normal routine without dad and now he's coming home and it will be a better routine - with dad," says Lock.

And now Kris Lock's "better" routine can resume.

Her husband was one of 300 service members who walked off the plane.

They belong to the 3rd and 12th marine regiment.

Kris eventually found her husband in this crowd of camouflage.

And he made it clear their love kept him going while so far away from home.

"Yeah, you know, It makes it worth it," said Gary Lock. "And I think this is why we do what we do."

We also met another woman who had been patiently waiting for her marine to return.

But it seemed Amber Davis' patience had run out when it came to at least one thing.

"I'm waiting on the question. If you see - no ring. Zoom in - No ring! I'm waiting. Waiting impatiently and here they come, they're coming in. If you see him, If you see Matthew Bailey, Lt. Matthew Bailey, tell him 'pop the question, buddy!'" Davis told us.

As you can see, we do know that Amber and Matthew had a very happy reunion.

What we don't know is if he actually proposed.

No pressure there, Matthew.