Lion King Is Crime Victim

Geno Segers
Geno Segers
Oct 16, 2007 06:47 PM

HONOLULU (KHNL) - One of the stars of the hit production, "The Lion King" was the talk of the Honolulu Police station Monday.

The man who plays "Mufasa" was there because he got ripped off during his first week on island.

Lion King Mufasa has been vowing crowds around the world and here in Hawaii.

With his amazing voice and elaborate costumes Mufasa delights those in the audience.

But actor Geno Segers wasn't delighted when he found himself a crime victim.

Someone stole his only mode of transportation, his bike. "I was here for about a week, went out to get my bike and my bike was gone."

He doesn't have a rental car. Here for three months he uses the bike to get around.

"My mode of transportation is my bicycle. I brought it from St. Louis to Cleveland to Honolulu which cost me quite a whack. "

It's worth about $1000 including shipping and custom upgrades.

"I was riding through Ala Moana park and I saw a bike that looked like mine. I had a bit of an obsession and I checked again on closer look it couldn't have been anybody else bike but mine."

Police arrested the suspect sleeping under Seger's bike. He told police he bought the bike off someone else. Now Segers is reunited with his bike. He says the audiences here are the best he's encountered in his four years touring and he doesn't harbor any ill feelings about his stolen bike.

What you may not know about the man in the Lion King costume, Geno Segers is from North Carolina but lives in Australia. He played professional rugby and is a business entrepreneur. Like his character Mufasa, he also has a son.