Officials Take Steps to Protect Ancient Bones

MAKAHA (KHNL) - Up to 28 sets of remains buried in a Makaha sand dune were scattered last week by city crews using heavy equipment.

The orange fence is new. It's to help protect and secure the sacred site.

The first step to right the wrong occurred Monday.

Native Hawaiian Linela descendents met with city and state officials. Representatives from the office of Hawaiian affairs surveyed the site using global satellite positioning or GPS. They pinpointed and documented the location of the ancient remains.

Family members are outraged by the disturbance to this well documented site.

Mauna Lahilahi is a historic fishing shrine and culturally important due to it's location with regard to the rising and setting sun.

Linela descendents say they hope for more than an apology. They want an explanation to the breakdown in communications meant to protect the site.

And they want written assurances documented burial sites will be protected..