Fundraiser to Help Orphaned Children

Kristine Altwies
Kristine Altwies

(KHNL) - There are a lot of caring families, here in Hawaii who open their homes to orphaned children. One organization that makes it happened, is "Hawaii International Child."   Joining us is the president of the organization to talk about the fundraiser coming up Thursday.

MARIVN:  Good morning Kristine Altwies.

KRISTINE:  Good morning and thanks for having me.

MARVIN:  Let's talk about your organization for starters and what you guys do.

KRISTINE:  Hawaii International Child is a state licensed child placing organization.   We've been doing adoptions in Hawaii since 1975.   Most of our children come from Asia, China, we just started working in Vietnam and Ethiopia.   And we also work with the DHS here in Hawaii to place foster children.

MARVIN:  What kind of demands are we talking about?  There are a lot of families here who can't have natural born children and they still want to raise a family.

KRISTINE: Yes, infertility is on the rise as people wait longer to start their family.   So we're finding an increase in families wanting to adopt children.

MARVIN:  And what's the process like, do they come and call you then what happens next?

KRISTINE: They call us, we interview them, we do a little paper work, we make sure that they know what they're getting into and then we help them with the paper work to send overseas and they get a child assigned to them and they usually travel to pick up the child and come home.   That's it.   It's a lot simplier than people seem to think.

MARVIN:  It also appears to be a little pricier as well.   Thursday is going to be a fundraiser at the O Lounge. Tell us about that.

KRISTINE:  Yes, the O Lounge and Liz Watanabe have been very generous in offering us their lounge for their third anniversary.   They're going to benefit Hawaii International Child and proceeds are going to go to our Sponsorship of Orphanages.   The O Lounge is on Kapiolani Blvd., it's a great nightclub and for $50, you can come, have some drinks, have some pupu and listen to some great Hawaiian music and help a good cause.

MARVIN:  Kristine, thank you. The fundraiser for "Hawaii International Child" is Thursday night from 5:30 to 8:30 at the O Lounge.