Metal Recycler Asks For More Time Before Sentencing

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- A Kalihi metal recycler, who pleaded no contest to attempted theft and copper law violations, asked a Circuit Court judge for more time before her sentencing Monday.

At the time of her plea, Kyung Hee Chon asked the judge for a deferral, which would mean she could wipe her record clean if she stayed out of further trouble. But just a month later, the 44-year-old was once again in the back of a police car, accused of accepting copper without following all the requirements of Hawaii's scrap metal law.

Prosecutors objected to any sentencing delays.

"As far as the new case, it has nothing to do with these cases," Kristine Yoo, deputy prosecutor, said. "The only thing that they have in common is that it is the same defendant."

"I mean, this is killing an ant with a steam roller," Michael Green, defense attorney, said. "Now, there are similarities. There are dramatic similarities between the cases. But I have to make an educated decision as to whether we should go to trial in those cases, or whether we should get rid of all these cases at the same time."

The judge granted the defense's request. Sentencing is now set for November 13th.