Trial Begins For Man Accused of Killing Sheriff

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Trial is underway for a man accused of fatally shooting a state deputy sheriff at a Honolulu bar earlier this year. Attorneys delivered their opening statements Monday.

Prosecutors show the jury the semi-automatic pistol and silencer they say John Lorenzo used to kill 27-year-old deputy sheriff Daniel Browne-Sanchez.

"Daniel Browne-Sanchez, a large man who weighed over 200 pounds, was no match for a metal projectile that weighed only two grams," Scott Bell, deputy prosecutor, said.

Lorenzo admits he's the trigger man.

Prosecutors say he stormed into the Osake Sushi Bar and Lounge after closing February 10th, and held up the workers there.

"Notwithstanding the fact that he had been shot multiple times, Daniel went forward and essentially tackled the gunman," Bell said.

The defense says Lorenzo, who also goes by the name Patrick, was ordered into the bar by two men he owed money to.

"They had the ski mask. They had the gun. They had everything that, they had a bullet-proof vest," Walter Rodby, defense attorney, said. "No worry, Patrick. Send a message to them and then we're even."

Rodby says the victim, who worked at the bar part-time, had an elevated blood alcohol level of .104, and wouldn't get down despite numerous commands.

"Daniel Browne-Sanchez was on top of Mr. Lorenzo, and that they're struggling for the gun and they're struggling for the gun," Rodby said. "And the gun went off at least three times."

Lorenzo is charged with murder, attempted murder, robbery, kidnapping and firearms offenses.

"Patrick, you'll hear, never intended to hurt anybody that night," Rodby told jurors.

That's for the jury to decide.

The trial will resume on Wednesday.