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Searider Productions Launches New Website

Samuel Spake Samuel Spake
Robert Goodwin Robert Goodwin
Billy Evangelista Billy Evangelista
John Allen John Allen

Oct 15, 2007 06:18 PM

By Cindy Cha

WAIANAE (KHNL) -  Students and staff of the award winning Searider Productions at Waianae High School launched their much anticipated website Monday. This new and improved site shows what this group of young talent is all about.

The launching of this website is just another ambitious project of Searider Productions. For the past year, both students and faculty worked hard on revamping this site and making it edgier.  

Known for its creativity, remarkable talent and professional appeal, searider productions comes full force with a brand new website, featuring projects of past and present.

"Kind of shows what we can do and show us what kind of style we have," said SP student, Samuel Spake.

Their style, fun and highly integrated programs from their multi-media productions.

"This is what we're all about, we come to Waianae to show what we do," said SP student, Robert Goodwin.

Now you can see what they do right on their site.

"I hope they'll get a little more about the production and basically what SP is all about," said SP web designer, Billy Evangelista.

And what SP is all about will no doubt be showcased on their new website, as they give viewers a glimpse of why searider productions continues to be an outstanding program.

"We view ourselves as a top notch program in our eyes and we want to maintain that kind of standard, our website has to look of that quality," said SP Video Advisor, John Allen.  "We tell our kids we set the standard high and they have to reach it."

The website will be completely managed by the students on a daily basis.

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